Youth Conference on Energy Security

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Round tables and Workshops

Opening Ceremony (8 July 2014 at 11.00):
• Prof. Bojko Bučar, PhD, President of the United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS) and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Round Table: Energy Security within the Framework of the EU (8 July 2014 at 13.00):
• Moderator: assist. prof. Boštjan Udovič, PhD (Faculty of Social Sciences)

• Tina Seršen, M.Sc, Slovenian Ministry of the Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
• Tamara Weingerl Požar, M.Phil, Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (written contribution)
• Dennis Hesseling, PhD, Head of the Gas Department at the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

Round Table: Energy Diplomacy and its Current Challenges (8 July 2014 at 15.30)
• Moderator: assist. prof. Boštjan Udovič, PhD (Faculty of Social Sciences)

• H. E. István Szent-Iványi, PhD, Ambassador, Hungarian Embassy in Ljubljana
• Mr. Christopher Yvon, Chargé d'Affaires, British Embassy Ljubljana
Mr. Nathan Ringger, Political Officer, Embassy of the United States of America in Ljubljana

Workshop 1: En-Lite (9 July 2014)

  •  Mojca Drevenšek, Consensus Communications: "Introduction: EN-LITE – international project for strengthening energy literacy"  (
  • Samo Fürst, GEN energija: "Energy and Sustainability: building a sustainable energy future - without the hot air"
  • Darko Kramar, ELES – Slovene Electricity Transmission System Operator: "The importance of electricity supply and geo-political aspects of electricity transmission"
  • Franc Žlahtič, PhD, Plinovodi (company managing Slovene natural gas transmission network) and president of the World Energy Council's Slovene National Committee: "Geo-political aspects of natural gas transmission and supply" 

Workshop 2: Energy Security Revised (10 July 2014 at 14.30)

An interactive workshop prepared by MUNSC

Special guest: Danilo Türk, PhD, former President of the Republic of Slovenia and a candidate for the next United Nations Secretary-General