Youth Conference on Energy Security

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Secretariat and Organizers


Secretary-General - Karolina Praček

Greetings everyone!

I am the conference’s Secretary-General and this year’s MUNSC President, also a Master’s degree student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. With quite some MUN experiences behind me as a Delegate, Chair, Crisis Co-director and MUN organizer (OXIMUN, UoBMAL, SiMUN, MUNSC, etc.), I can say the most valuable one was being the Head Delegate in last year’s MUNSC Executive Board, where I had the opportunity to pass some of my MUN knowledge to MUNSC members and, more importantly, meet many interesting people and learn a lot from them. As a big MUN enthusiast I can’t wait to officially open the conference and share with you four unforgettable days of passionate debates and sleepless nights. Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Deputy Secretary-General - Vid Tomić

Hello comrades, dear MUN enthusiasts,

My name is Vid Tomić and I am a Master’s degree student of International Relations at the Faculty of social sciences, University of Ljubljana. During my students year I became an IR geek who is especially interested in security related issues with big emphasis given to the ethnic conflicts. Since SIMUN 2011, my first MUN experience, I also became a proud MUN enthusiast. I attended somewhere around 10 MUN conferences and won several awards, while specializing in crisis scenarios, both as a participant and crisis director.

I am continuing my work at MUNSC Executive Board as a Vice President, after finishing my term as a first Secretary-Treasurer of the Club. I believe that my choice to attend my first MUN was one of the best choices I ever made. Therefore, I am determined to share this world with other people and help to co-create this amazing conference that will force delegates to re-live it again and again.
G20 Chairperson - Ana Kristovič

My name is Ana and I am a Master's degree student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. I have discovered MUNs in my second year of studies and never turned back.
I have participated in different MUNs throughout the region and became a passionate and active member of MUN Slovenia Club. MUNs still fascinate me because of their international, intercultural nature where you can meet a lot of new and interesting people whilst debating, arguing, lobbying and most important having fun. Chairing this conference will be an exciting and challenging task for me and I cannot wait to experience these four days with other MUN enthusiasts.

G20 Chairperson and Head of Logistics - Monika Kolobarić

I am a Master's degree student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. While particularly interested in International Law and Security Studies, I also became a big MUN enthusiast somewhere along the way. I love to spend my free time traveling; discovering new places, getting to know new people and learning foreign languages. My evenings are spent enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine with my friends, watching a thrilling movie or reading a good book.

Head of Crisis Team - Rok Jamnik

Rok is an avid MUN fan, having participated at numerous conferences throughout Europe. He is also an active MUNSC member. Rok holds degrees in Law and Politics of International Security (LL.M.)  from the VU University Amsterdam and in International Relations (B.A.) from the University of Ljubljana. He currently works as Senior Research Associate for the Public International Law & Policy Group where he provides advice on human rights, transitional justice and public international law to state and non-state clients. As a cornerstone of MUNSC crisis 'brain trust' Rok looks forward to the amazing crisis and great debates that will take place during the conference!

Crisis Team - Meliha Muherina

Hello to all the future participants of Youth Conference on Energy Security. When I decided to join MUNSC I have never imagined it is going to become more than just a simple free time activity involving one of my favourite activities, debating. But having the privilege to be part of the Crisis Team for the Joint Cabinet Crisis means being part of a little MUN family that is already working really hard to make sure this conference will be one of the best moments in your MUN career. I will also be the one trying to ensure not everything is going to be about hard work but also party hard as I am part of the Social events Team too. Really looking forward of meeting you all in our pretty Ljubljana!

Organizing Team

Project Coordinator - Adriana Aralica

I am the leader of the group of volunteers at the UNA Slovenia. Since 2011, when the Youth Section was established, I have been the president of the UNA Slovenia Youth Section. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and currently I am a postgraduate student of Diplomacy at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Editor in Chief & Crisis Team - Gašper Kavšek

I am a fourth year student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. My passion in the IR field is International Law. It is my second year in MUNSC, where I currently occupy the position of the Secretary-Treasurer in MUNSC. Therefore my role is to offer support in all the fields of the club’s activities and take care of the club’s finances and fundraising. I started participating in MUNs last year so my first MUN was SiMUN 2012 and after that I joined the SiMUN organizing team, where I became head of financial department for SiMUN 2014. I also volunteer at the Rotaract club Novo mesto. In my free time I teach in a dance studio and work at a theatre.