Youth Conference on Energy Security

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Dear participants, guests and MUN Slovenia Club’s friends,


It is my great honour and pleasure to welcome you at Model United Nations Slovenia Club’s (MUNSC) web page dedicated to our Youth Conference on Energy Security, held from the 8th to the 11th of July 2014 at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


MUNSC, a part of the United Nations Association of Slovenia’s youth section, is organizing a conference devoted to some of the currently most important issues in the international arena within the energy security field. On one hand, the current crisis in Ukraine vehemently occupies much of today’s current debates with several concerns, firm standpoints and preoccupying consequences. On the other hand, almost every aspect of the contemporary way of life is reliant on fossil fuels; and even though the world probably reached ‘peak oil’ in 2006 according to the International Energy Agency, the process towards phasing out the reliance on fossil fuels is not quick enough – neither for increasing energy security, neither for diminishing the negative environmental effects of burning fossil fuels.


Therefore, the Youth Conference on Energy Security is dedicated to solving the crisis in Ukraine, which will be accurately prepared by our crisis team, and to finding plausible solutions for sustainable reductions of the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Participants in the Joint cabinet crisis will find themselves in the roles of important political figures dealing with the ongoing crisis, while participants in the G20 meeting with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) representatives will have to represent their assigned country’s/UNEP’s position and find a compromise between energy security, food security, the increasing world’s population, economical growth and the preservation of the environment.


The Youth Conference on Energy Security is bringing together young people from various countries all around the world. It is organized with the aim to give young people an opportunity to meet peers with similar interests, to meet potential employers and to expand their knowledge and expertise; in order to do so, in addition to organizing the simulation, MUNSC will organize roundtables with prominent speakers and will try to introduce you to successful people working within the topic-area.


I am delighted to confirm that there is no participation fee for participants thanks to our sponsors; moreover, participants will be provided with all conference materials and coffee breaks for free, depending on our further fundraising with meals as well.


Participants will enjoy warm summer nights in Ljubljana, the beautiful Slovenia’s capital that has lately been recommended by various international travel agencies as a perfect touristic destination. The Social events team will make sure everyone relaxes in the evenings in good company, and show you some of the traditional Slovenian hospitality.


I warmly welcome you, dear reader, to join us this July and spend four amazing days with us in Ljubljana. Dear MUN enthusiast or MUN beginner, hopefully you are convinced of our efforts in making the Youth Conference on Energy Security educational, challenging, fun, and overall enjoyable; I therefore invite you to share your experience, knowledge and ideas with us.


Looking forward to seeing you in July!


Karolina Praček